Daisetsuzuan Day 4, Minami-numa to Biei Fuji Hinan-goya

This morning we got up very early hoping to see sunrise and also because we had more than 10 hours of partially difficult trail paired with 1000 m ascend and descend on our plan. Weather had changed, thus sunrise was covered by clouds. During putting down the tent, rain started to fall and was with us through the whole day. Fighting through brush-pines and bamboo-grass we climbed Mt. Oputateshike-Yama. After a difficult and rocky ascent we made progress to the mountain hut Biei Fuji Hinan-goya (Goya = hut) which we finally reached after 12 hours. Our feets were soaked, but joy was great.

Daisetsuzuan Day 3, Chuubetsu-Dake Hinan- goya to Minami-numa

For the first time, the sky was clear and the warmth of the sun made us stow-away our jackets.
Climbing Mt. Koshiki-Dake and Mt. Kaun-Dake we proceeded to Mt. Tomuraushi-Yama. Afterwards the path turned to be more steep and difficult. Often we were hopping rocks rather than walking. Clouds rised again and unfortunately blocked the view of the peak. After a short descend we set up camp next to a small stream.

Daisetsuzuan Day 2, Kuro-Dake-ishimuro to Chūbetsu-Dake Hinan-goya

Last night we hit the sack already at 8, might become a habit. However everyone else got up at 4 the next morning which yet felt quite uncommon to us. After getting out the hut, we understood why the highest mountain here is named Asahi-dake (Asahi = sunrise). At 5:30 we set off to the 18km stage of today. Starting with the summit to Mt. Hokkai-Dake, the path turned more flat afterwards. Weather was pleasant, but winds made jacket and beanie a must. We climbed Mt. Chūbetsu-Dake, before sucessfully completing day 2.

Daisetsuzuan Grand Traverse (E)

In Daisetsuzuan we hiked the 5-day traverse across the National Park.
A brief overview map is shown below. We wrote a post for each day of the tour.

Preparation is important, especially to supply sufficient calories for such a tour. In Asahikawa we were able to buy suitable food for 7 days. The list is given below.
Looking at the stats, we should have exchanged all calories into Snickers, saving quite some weight;-)

PackedEatenNameWeightTotal weightkcal per 100gkcal
33Fast cooking Rice75225168378
22Beef Jerky3570250175
11Korumi bread8080250200
33Beef Jerky 240120290348
10.7Mixed Fruits190190322612
10.5Dried Vegetables5353350186
20Fukusima Ramen88176355625
32Ripe'n'Dry Ramen1203603571285
1.20.75Skim Milk165198358709
20Chicken Rice2605203591867
10Wakame Rice260260360936
11Dry Curry260260361939
11Mushroom Rice260260366952
105 Flavour Rice260260377980
22Fusili Carbonara64128384492
22Risotto al Parmigiano80160396634
22Bio Muesli4809604023859
22Spaghetti al Formaggio e Broccoli90180404727
10Schoko Muesli2402404181003
11Dried Tofu 24040473189
11Dried Tofu5050478239
44Crunky Schokolade45180553995
21.5Mixed Nuts2004006462584

Planned was 1822 kcal per day and person during 7 days, effectively it was 1739 kcal during 5 days.