Meakan-Dake / Onneto Lake – Asahikawa (E)

As planned we hiked Mt. Meakan-dake (1499 m ASL) and continued to lake Onneto. As the hiking times for Mt. O-Akandake were underestimated we’ve accounted for additional time. However we were surprised to stay in time besides the heavy pack. Reaching the summit, we were enjoing the great vulcanic landscape, with terrific view of lake Akanko and Hokkaido.

At Onneto campsite we stayed for two days before taking the bus to Asahikawa. Here we currently stay for two days, preparing for Daisetsuzuan national park. More on this on the next post.

Lake Akan (E)

After 2 days in Kuwayu-Onsen we went for a canoe trip on Kussharo river with the guides of
The guide steering at the back, Phil at the stern and Fränzi relaxed in between;-)

Afterwards the guide dropped us well ahead on the road in the direction of lake Akanko. Thanks! After a few minutes of walk a nice man with his camping bus even offered us a ride, which we thankfully accepted. Already at 1 o’clock we reached Akan-Onsen.
Here we are since two days, enjoing the Marimo (balls of algae) und Bokke (blubbering muddholes) and hiking. Yesterday we hiked the volcano O-Akan-Dake and tomorrow we’ll hike to lake Onneto over Meakan-Dake.

Sapporo Akan-Nationalpark (E)

Our first Post! We’ve been in Japan for more than a week already. After two days in Sapporo we headed north to Abashiri using the JR Railpass. Starting there we walked to Bihoro, to Mt. Mokoto-Yama and continued to Akan National Park. Against our plan to take an easy start we made over 30, sometimes 40km a day. Currently we’re relaxing in Kuwayu-Onsen enjoing (foot-)baths, traditional japanese food and vulcanos.

At “APRS Tracker” you may find our Position now. The link should work for everyone, as unfortunately the embedded map is not supported by all browsers.

Goodbye (E)

It became clear in the last few days what is happening. Time of training, gear improvements and packing are over. Today is d-day.

Missing that multiple friends will become parents or married are the tribute to our journey. Congratulations! We would have loved to be with them. Looking forward to meet with all of you in december.

What’s up to us?

  • Low standards (toilets, door heights, TV-shows, etc.)
  • Discipline and organisation of populations
  • Self-control and the search of perfection
  • Looks of curiosity (especially with this beard)

Goodbye Europa!