Kirishima Onsen – Kagoshima (E)

The end of our journey is getting closer every day. On our route to Kagoshima we stopped at the Kirishima Open-Air Museum. Besides the Open-Air installations, we were interested to see a special exhibition from Hiroshi Fuji. His work “Where have all these toys come from” with countless and colorful toys is simple but intriguing. We continued further south towards the sea. The route lead along the Kagoshima Bay, which is famous for Kurozu, a black rice vinegar. The ancient manufacturing process is quite complicated (we also learned the first-time about Koji). The vinegar is aging in black ceramic jars neatly arranged outdoors and exposed to weather. The fermentation takes more than a year, and the vinegar develops a mild taste thanks to the care of the masters. We continued pedalling and arrived at the impressive Sakurajima volcano, from where we took the ferry to Kagoshima.

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