Shirouma-Dake to Ōgisawa

Finally we made it to the Japanese Alps! From Hakuba we got to Sarukura from where we started a 4 day hut-hike through the Northern Alps. Passing Daisekkei (lit. means grand snow valley) we made ascent on the first day and were climbing 3 of the 100 most famous mountains (Shirouma-Dake 2932m, Goryū-Dake 2814m and Kashimayariga-Dake 2889m) during the next 3 days while staying in mountain huts over night. Except for the second day, sight was mostly covered and it was raining occasionally. The trek length was 38.4 km and the highest point around 2900m.
(Names of the huts: Hakuba-Sanso, Karamatsu-dake Choujou-Sanso, Kiretto-Goya)

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