Kitakyūshū – Beppu (E)

Our next milestone in Kyūshū was Beppu in Ōita Prefecture at the Pacific coast. But before leaving Kitakyūshū we visited the Toto Museum. Toto is THE manufacturer of japanese toilets. And if you read our post Toiletten you understand that japanese toilets are raising the bar in many perspectives. Over years japanese engineers succeeded to reduce the water consumption per flush from over 20L to a mere 3.8L. Besides toilets, Toto manufactures more sanitary equipments, for instance a self-powered sensor automatic faucet.
After the fascinating visit, we were struggeling the leave the city through the heavy traffic towards Beppu. Instead the faster main roads along the coast, we opted for the byway over the hills. Our thighs were aching and the legs were shaking after getting of the bike. After every ascent there follows a descend, which we fully enjoyed racing down. The stunning landscape was more than worth the detour.

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