Amakusa (E)

We crossed over to the Amakusa Islands by ferry, beeing the only passengers aboard. Arriving in the harbour of Tomioka, we strangely found ourselves and our lunch in defense against a huge bird (most likely a Black-eared Kite). Afterwards we drove along the western coastline, boasting many nice sunset viewing spots. We set up camp at one of them and enjoyed the scenery of the sinking sun.
The next day we continued through the island’s inwards and smaller islands back to the mainland of Kyūshū. On our road south, we were stopped by a warm-hearted car driving lady, talking without interruption in japanese, expressing her joice to see us again. We couldn’t understand much but that we must have crossed each other a few times on the road since Amakusa. To our surprise we were gifted with a huge bottle of Shōchū, an ubiquitous and regionally varied japanese liquor. Amazing! Just try to imagine a surprising encounter like this in Switzerland ☺.

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