Tokyo (E)

We finally left the summer-temperatures in Okinawa and flew back north to the Tokyo autumn, the last destination of our 6-month journey. Against our concerns, we found Tokyo surprisingly serene. Beeing so vast we were only able to visit a mere fraction of all interesting places. Besides shopping in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabara we were wandering around and enjoying the city’s offerings.  From the top of the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree we enjoyed the stunning skyline. Noticably the view wasn’t “blocked” by mountains since 6 months! The highlight of the week was the visit of the Tsukiji Fish market. Altough we didn’t get out at 3 o’clock to see the Tuna auction at 5, the visit of the market was awesome and the Maguro Sashimi very tasty.

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