Hakuba – Kawaguchiko (E)

In Itoigawa we left the coastline behind and drove inland. After passing through numerous tunnels we arrived in Hakuba, a ski resort in Nagano prefecture which we had vistited already in 2015. Unfortunately weather hadn’t much improved, as it was again rainy with some strong wind at times. The following morning however, clouds were breaking up for a short moment and we could get a brief glimpse of Shirouma-Dake.
Starting from Fujimi (literally a place where one can see Mt. Fuji), we started to see it’s silhouette peaking through the mist. However that also meant we were getting closer to Tokyo. The cute Kei Cars (below 660cc) were suddenly gone, replaced by larger (often German) SUVs. And at the last campsite of our journey only two tent places were left! Normally were were either alone or had shared camp with few people, but that large campsite was packed with cars, tents, barbecues and people.

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