Iwaki-San (E)

From Hirosaki we decided to hike Mt. Iwaki-San. To get there we took the bus to Hyakuzawa Onsen, where the Shintō-shrine Iwaki-San is located. A little uphill, we put up camp in a large cherry-tree park with nice facilities. There I found my favourite car so far, typically for Japan they are much smaller than in Switzerland. Even the ATVs remind a little of toy cars. A pity I’m not driving…

The next morning was foggy when we set off to climb Iwaki-San at 1625 m. After 4 h of ascent in the mist we reached summit pretty much soaked where the view remained obstructed in white.
We decided to skip most of the descent with a bus-ride, driving down the 69 turns of the Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline road. After taking a much required bath at Dake-Onsen we returned back to Aomori by bus.

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